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Lagom: The New Nordic Influence

Lagom: The New Nordic Influence

Borrowing ideas and concepts from our Nordic neighbours, or from anywhere else for that matter, gives us the opportunity to combine the best of many worlds. Hygge (think candles, copious amounts of tea and hand-knitted colourful wool socks) was introduced and embraced by nearly everyone in the northern hemisphere experiencing dark evenings and cold winters. When we finally manage to get our heads around the hygge trend, it is now time to familiarise ourselves with lagom, the complementary lifestyle game changer meaning just the right amount.

Nordic Harbour

As spring approaches, trees blossom and you brave the last chill to get your first coffee or drink in the sun, we want to help you have a lagom home. We are happy to welcome this unique lifestyle approach, because it is more of a philosophy than a trend. It is about finding the perfect balance in all aspects of life. Whether it's work and play, friends and family or indulging versus dieting, finding the ideal equilibrium is the key to being positive and successful. This holistic approach to living well is proving popular due to increased understanding of the importance of diet, our environment and the need for relaxation. 

The lagom idea for the home is to be mindful of your environment and of the elements used to fill it. It is finding the right balance between too much and not enough; whether it is space, things, clothes or furniture, and the number you really need of each. Think about what materials the things you own are made of and how they were produced. In the case of a blanket for example: Was it responsibly made and will it last a long time? Or is it fast fashion that you purchased on a whim? Do you own five different chairs so you can sit in a different one each time; or did you find that one that is just right. Going hand in hand with the cozy comfort of hygge, lagom is a mindful practice that leads us to think about the spaces we are in and how balance becomes food for the soul.  

Here at Claribel we put together a list of ideas to consider if you want to consciously adapt your life to the lagom lifestyle:

1. Revise your weekly food shopping. Think about whether you are going to the store hungry or in a hurry. Are you purchasing things on impulse? Or actually thinking about what you need as a nutrient. By no means skip on that treat, but ask yourself if you are balancing out the treat with produce and ingredients that also satisfy and nurture your wellbeing.

2. Sustainable sourcing in the home. Spring cleaning is approaching and with that you are sure to get rid of many things. When embracing lagom, think about consuming responsibly and mindfully. It is not about never buying anything new or going to live in the wild, but more about being consciously aware of your surroundings and the impact your purchases have. Lagom favours good quality that last a lifetime versus throwaway items purchased on a whim.  

3. Balance and change. If you are always doing the same thing, or following the same path, why not do something different. You should always stay true to yourself, but growing as a person, whether it is taking a different route to work or reading a different section of a periodical, helps us balance comfort with the fear of the unknown. Make a small change that allows you to enjoy the small things in life, whether it is that second piece of chocolate or a new cushion for the sofa. It is thinking about what you want versus what you need and varying between the two desires to find a perfect relationship.

Lagom is all about finding everyday balance, living modestly and avoiding extremes.

Here at Claribel, 2017 is the year of mindfulness, looking after yourself and being aware of your surroundings. 




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