About Us & Our Ethos


Claribel is your ethical choice for style and beauty at home.  

Borne out of our challenges in furnishing our own homes, the Claribel range of homewares responds to the desire for high-design pieces of impeccable quality, with the extra comfort of our commitment to ethical production. Designed and perfected in Peru, our pieces are never mass-produced.   

Our fabrics are woven by fairly-compensated and talented artisans in workshops under our close supervision.  From the intricate stitching of the luxury baby Alpaca throws, the individual foil printing of our cushion covers cushions and individual hand painting of our ceramics, every item is unique.

With one of our founders supervising production in Lima, and the other taking care of distribution in London, we are unique in that we have complete control over the design, manufacturing and distribution processes.  We can provide you with the assurance, that all of our products are responsibly made from beginning to end.

We are often asked if one of us is called Claribel, and the answer is no.  We chose the name Claribel because we wanted a strong, classically British, woman's name to represent us as female entrepreneurs.  When considering our options, we thought about all the feelings and thoughts we want in our lives, and in that sanctuary we call home.  

In short, we chose Claribel because it is ‘a fusion of clarity and beauty.’

We welcome you to the world of Claribel and hope you enjoy your purchases as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

Alexandra & Mariana