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Our CEO Alexandra Arens' comments on colour and efficiency ...



Ideal Home Magazine, February 2018

Claribel Good Homes Magazine

Good Homes Magazine, December 2017

Our CEO, Alexandra Arens' comments in The Evening Standard on the gender pay gap and how to strategically ask for a raise.

Lord Alan Sugar has ruffled feathers by insisting that women just need to ask to be paid more in order to narrow the gender pay gap.

His comments came after news broke of the gender pay gap being just over 9 per cent at the BBC

The pay rise discussion is amongst the most difficult in the work place – for both sides, that is – and requires a certain skill set if it is to be successful.

With a recent study once again affirming that the gender pay gap exists, the topic of how to negotiate a pay rise that matches your skills, efforts and qualifications is as relevant as ever.

You will never be able to walk into a pay rise negotiation and be 100 per cent certain that you will walk out successfully. However, there are a few measures that successful businesswoman and entrepreneur Alexandra Arens suggests you take to increase your chances.

Having worked in many large companies, including in the banking industry, Alexandra has recently launched her own interiors brand in the UK, Claribel. She feels passionately that women should have the same career opportunities as men. Here are her six tips for asking for a pay-rise at work: Read more..

It was so great to be invited back to the House and Garden Festival for a second time around. Last year it was all about neutrals and glamour so I thought that this year it should be all about colour.

My favourite colour and a colour I often wear and use is blue. I wanted to explore the concepts of living in blue by immersing myself into a space that’s richly coloured. I’ve specifically attempted to match the walls and carpets to try and create a cocoon.

This perfectly fits in with my room type which is a bedroom. We’ve centred the bed and created small spaces around the bed to enjoy the space. The artwork on the wall is particularly important as it adds another element to the space and lifts the design beyond the simple block colour that dominates the space. Read more... 


We were invited to design a space for House and Garden Magazine for their festival, and we wanted to give you the inside track on how we created the concept and pulled together the design of our space using our own wallpaper design alongside pieces from other exhibitors at the show, running from 21-24th of June.

The heart of the modern home, the hardworking kitchen table is the centrepiece to our design for this beautiful space. Performing multifunctions for family life, the kitchen table transforms from office desk, to children's playtime, to artists studio to bakers work station to entertaining space and that can be just one day for so many modern homes. Read More...



From the minimalist nature of Hygge to the mindfulness of Lagom the latest in Nordic interior design trends encourages one to consider responsible and mindful consumption; favouring quality over mass produced and impulsive purchases.

Crafted from the finest fabrics by artisanal makers Claribel London, a collision of clarity and beauty, offer an ethically sourced and responsibly made collection of textile and knit products inspired by the challenges faced when furnishing the home with affordable, ethical products. Read More...

My candles obsession is hitting the high notes with a really fantastic collection of new and natural candles (ie. vegetable & soy wax, no toxins) from the UK and US. So as I have singularly failed to post much over this festive season I’d thought I pop up this mini edit introducing you to what I’ve got burning around the house at the moment…Read More

With their gorgeous knitted cushions and throws, beautiful fabric prints and elegant colour palette, Claribel has what it takes to transform your home into a cosy Winter retreat. As I approached the stand, I was embraced by the incredible homely scent of their Pain D'Épices candles. Their table display had me most inspired, a perfect example of how their items can be dressed up for the Christmas season with a little help from wrapped candle boxes, winter berries and golden candle Christmas trees. My favourite item on display however had to be the Holland Throw. This throw has Winter comfort written all over it and its beautiful thick knit made me want to wrap myself up in it and fall asleep on the sofa. Read More ...