Our Founders

CEO - Alexandra Arens

Peruvian-born Alexandra founded Claribel after embarking on decorating her first London flat.  Having lived in 8 different cities, she had an idea of what she wanted - a product ethically sourced, chic, elegant and fairly priced. Finding herself in between jobs, she decided it was the right time to dedicate herself to something she really believed in. She turned to Mariana Barrios for advice and the two founded Claribel.   Alexandra has been quoted as saying “I hope every Claribel purchase brings you the satisfaction and peace of mind I always search for - a high-quality, timeless piece to brighten your life, and the confidence of knowing every product is responsibly made.”

She holds an MBA from SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy and a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs from Georgetown University, USA.  Prior roles include International Private Banking at UBS in New York, as well as Marketing and Public Relations at Bulgari. Alexandra loves the beach, yoga, cooking, and organising events. 

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Creative Director - Mariana Barrios

Mariana Barrios is the Creative force behind Claribel.  A graduate of Goymar School in Spain, Mariana built and maintained one of the most successful couture atelier’s in Lima for over 25 years.  Founding Claribel with Alexandra, represented an opportunity to combine her knowledge in fashion, her interest in interiors, and the desire to empower local producers.   She welcomed the challenge of developing luxury prints from raw cotton, and creating avant-garde designs from traditional thread such as Baby Alpaca. Mariana believes in the need to foster professional growth amongst small business and local communities and was recently quoted saying, “Our country is rich in fabrics, and it is our job to make sure that people are educated in the importance of ethical and sustainable exports.”  

She holds a Marketing Degree from ESAN University, and is a Professor of Fashion Business and Design at UPC, the Applied Sciences University of Peru.  Mariana lives in Lima, loves sailing (and the beach), fashion, metaphysics and supporting young entrepreneurs.  

Follow her on Instagram @marianabarriosfc